No. 26 Register of Deaths in Western Australia from June 1829 to December 1831 and continued to the end of June 1832.

SOURCE: AJCP Roll No 298, CO 18/10

Surnames listed in Register

Backs; Bailey; Bambrick; Barnett; Barret; Barry; Beacham; Bourne; Bray; Budden; Burgess; Burke; Byrne; Christian; Chiffinch; Cook; Cooper; Cornish; Dorset; dyer; Edgecombe; Evans; Ferando; Forbes; Garrett; Gawler; Gaze; Gee; Glover; Godfrey; Hall; Hardy; Harl; Hester; Hickman; Hokin; Inkpen; Jones; King; Larmer; Lockyer; Logan; Lukin; Lushman; Lyons; Malony; McDermott; McMahon; Meadows; Milligan; Mitchell; Morgan; Murphy; Norcup; Nye; Patten; Pedro; Philan; Pope; Putt; Robinson; Sadler; Shipsey; Simmons; Stacey; Stirling; Strogen; Sutherland; Thomas; Vinur or Vines; Walsh; Webb; Wilkinson; Whatley; Woodward

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